Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Amusements 29

My last lot of Monday Amusements was posted on the day before my birthday. I'm pleased to say that I got books!

There have been some amazing posts posted in the bookish blogosphere recently! Let's take a look:

Tanya at GirlXOXO wonders why many bloggers seem to be fascinated with getting advanced reader copies of books. I love getting to read proof copies and getting swept along with all the hype (when it's deserved) but I can also see where she's coming from. I like reading about blogger's old favourites and library discoveries at least as much as I enjoy learning about what's new.

On that note, Claire at Divine Obscurity shares the books that changed her life.

3 Things You Probably Never Considered About Historical Fiction is a really interesting post, lots of food for thought for dystopia fans too!

The Geeky Chiquitas explain why they don't write reviews of books they didn't finish.

I have to confess that all the rain and dark clouds lately have made it a little harder for me to write. Iris explains how it makes her feel about blogging.

Jim at YA Yeah Yeah responds to That HuffPo Article with Why JKR (And Everyone Else) SHOULD Keep Writing Books.

Authors dressing up as the favourite characters of their childhood! And, it's a bit late now, but should you fancy celebrating books just because, BookaUhu has some ideas.

Finally, I love the idea of The Hundred-Book Challenge (via the Arvon Foundation's facebook page).

Have you written any posts recently that you'd like to share? If you post a link in the comments I might pick it for the next Monday Amusements!

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