Saturday, August 08, 2009

How to read more

"I've read 58 books so far this year (in 7 months), which is more than I read in the whole of last year!"

How I did it: I found as many books I thought I would enjoy as I could and found ways to make time for reading almost every day. I read different lengths of book - short novels as well as longer and have been amazed at how much reading I can get done if I put my mind to it.

Lessons & tips:

  1. I carried a book everywhere so I could read whenever I was sitting still with no other tasks to do - on the train, whilst waiting to meet friends, etc.

  2. I still watched TV - but I would decide in advance what programmes I wanted to watch and record them so that I could watch them when I couldn't read, like when I was eating or painting my nails. I never sat down in front of the TV just for the sake of it.

  3. I listened to audiobooks when I couldn't physically read but could concentrate on the words - whilst walking, knitting, cleaning etc.


  1. I found books I was interested in by reading book reviews on blogs, I'm really into YA and I'd recommend Chicklish and Leaving Shangri-La. I also found new authors by using the Literature-Map.

  2. I got books from my local library, bookstores, charity shops and via online book exchange websites Bookmooch and readitswapit.

  3. I downloaded free mp3 audio books from LibriVox.

It took me 7 months.

It made me delighted!

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