Thursday, February 04, 2010

Book Review: Too Cool to Care, by Kate Tym

Nat is absolutely thrilled that her parents have finally given in to her complaints and for once, they will be going skiing in the Italian Alps instead of visiting her granny in Scotland as a holiday. She's getting in some practice beforehand, lessons with the gorgeous Marcus, when she loses control of her skis and breaks her leg. Now she has to spend the week at home with her two best friends, Dee and Sam, whilst her family go on holiday as planned. It's not too bad until her sworn enemy and neighbour, Jem Archer, and his cousin Sebastian, catch the lustful eyes of her friends. Then it starts to snow, Gordon, Sam's ex-boyfriend turns up to win her back, a window gets broken, and Nat's still stuck inside! What more can go wrong?

This is another in the series of J-17 magazine tie-in romances, and was published in the 90s, complete with dated cover and some slang thrown in that could be graciously described as 'retro'. The plot in this story is a bit more interesting than that of "Girls on Tour", but I could, again, see the "twist" coming as soon as the character in question was introduced. I did enjoy the story more in this one, but the names of the love interests really jarred with me. With all due respect to people named 'Gordon'!

"Too Cool To Care" is available from 1p + p&p on Amazon and these books are common at boot sales and charity shops so if you're after a really quick read for a reluctant young teenage reader you can't go wrong here. As long as you can persuade her to get past the cringy cover! I wouldn't recommend it to older teens and those that read a lot, as they'll probably find the plot a bit dull.

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