Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Amusements 14

Another week has begun, but Once Upon a Bookcase's LGBTQ YA Month has just finished. I've loved reading the reviews but I found Jo's review of Weetzie Bat really interesting as it's a book I have mixed feelings about too. I think that essentially it's too whimsical for my taste but I do like the language and there are some great lines. I also really liked this guest post by Jane Eagland, on Changing the Sexuality of Characters on Editor's Request, which provides some insight into the way that some editors might see works with LGBTQ characters.

Natassia at Literary Escapism wrote about some bookstore renovations that displeased her.

What I'd Like To See More of in YA..., the first in a new series at Fluttering Butterflies, made me realise that although I'm not a fan of playing, or watching sport, I quite like reading YA in which sport plays a major role in the main character's life. How odd!

Two new reading challenges you might be interested in: the Beat the Heat Readathon and the Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter Read-a-thon (check out my review of the first in the series here).

Andrew at The Pewter Wolf re-read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I wonder what I'd think of that series if I read it again now.

I think it's about time that Speak is awarded the title of Most Controversial YA Book Ever. I almost missed this latest round of controversy but for The Broke and the Bookish's round-up. I haven't even read it yet and all this annoys me.

Raimy gave audiobooks a try and is not convinced. I also find it quite difficult to remember what happened unless I go back a bit. I only listen to audiobooks on the move, which usually means on trains, but I still prefer paper books because there are fewer interruptions from tunnels and noisy fellow passengers.

Now I'm off to go to bed and hopefully get some more reading in tomorrow!


  1. Brilliant roundup! Thank you so much for these posts. I'm the same as you with loving sports-centred YA despite not being remotely sporty. Weird!

    1. You're welcome! It is weird isn't it? I know that I like reading about characters with hobbies that are really important to them, so maybe it's just an extension of that.



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