Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Memorable Secondary Characters

How many secondary characters are all that memorable? Often the most important secondary characters are love interests, or parents, but I deliberately didn't pick them, as I'm sure they'll be popular choices. I went through my 'read' list and chose best friends, sidekicks, and enemies. On to the list!

Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

1. Meghan, from the Ruby Oliver Quartet by E. Lockhart - Ruby's perception of her goes through a dramatic change. In The Boyfriend List, Meghan is just the boy-obsessed girl that drives Ruby to school, but they become closer in the following books and in Real Live Boyfriends Meghan is just awesome! I loved Meghan so much by the end of this series and when I next re-read it I will be paying much more attention to her character.

2. Scarlett, from Adorkable by Sarra Manning - Scarlett is the quiet, pretty, popular girl who (sort of) 'steals' Jeane's boyfriend. She's silly but funny and I quite liked her.

3. Felicity from the Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray - Felicity isn't nice. In fact, a lot of the time she's quite horrible. But oh, she is interesting, and finding out her secrets and watching her develop is one of the best things about this trilogy.

4. Oona, from the Kiki Strike series by Kirsten Miller - Oona is a wonderfully cunning girl who runs a beauty salon where the staff all pretend they don't speak English in order to gather lucrative gossip about their patrons' husbands' business deals. I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the other books.

5. Grace, from Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry - Most people would probably choose Echo's best friend Lila, or Noah's friends Isaiah and Beth, and they all have their own books now. But I would love to find out more about Grace, the enemy of everything that dares to be unpopular, the girl who is so terrified of being tainted by Echo's outcast status that she refuses to look at her in public.

6. Marron, from Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi - For some reason, I was not expecting a character like Marron or a place like his enclave of technology to exist in this book. He was one of the highlights for me and I'm hoping we get to see more of him in the rest of the series,

8. Jo, from Night School by C. J. Daugherty - How could anyone forget Jo and her many troubles and dramas? At first she seems quite normal, with just a few family problems, but as Allie persues the truth about Cimmeria Academy Jo starts to lose control of herself.

9. Laney, from Saving June by Hannah Harrington - Laney, Harper's best friend and co-conspirator, was my favourite character in Saving June. Unfortunately as she wasn't a love interest she spent a lot of time off-scene. I would love for her to get her own novel.

10. Finnick, from Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins - Finnick first appears in Catching Fire, but it's not until Mockingjay that he really comes into his own as one of the most charismatic and tragic characters in the Hunger Games trilogy.

I'm sure half the blogosphere will pick Finnick but I'd love to know if anyone else really wants to find out more about Pushing the Limits' Grace! Do you agree with my choices, or would you have chosen other characters from these books?

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by its fabulous creators at The Broke and the Bookish. This is my twenty-sixth Top Ten Tuesday so please do check out the others if you enjoyed this one!


  1. Good call on Marron. I'm seeing Roar all over the place (he's on my list too), but I didn't even think of Marron when I made my list. I should've too, because he really was a cool character.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

    1. I saw Roar on a lot of lists too. I'm glad I picked Marron, as he is so underrated!

  2. I almost chose Finnick for my list, but Haymitch won. And I totally forgot about Marron. I was also surprised by his enclave.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT! :)

    Ashling @ Reading, Writing, & Anything but Arithmetic

    1. You're welcome! It was tough deciding between Haymitch and Finnick, but Finnick's story won out in the end.

  3. Grace!! Totally forgot about her, but throughout Pushing the Limits she really interested me! It was so strange that she totally hated Echo... I mean there wasn't ever a good reason! I'd LOVE to read a story about her!!!!
    And Felicity! I think that she is such a complex interesting character! Libba Bray did a fantastic job creating her!
    Great picks!
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!
    Fly to the Sky @ Read Books and Live Green

    1. Exactly! Glad I'm not the only one who would love to read a story about Grace! Thank you and you're welcome :)

  4. This was a wonderful topic and I'm a bit sad not to take part in it. I do love Meghan.

    1. It was great! You could always do it at a later date during one of the free weeks :)



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