Monday, November 04, 2013

Monday Amusements 21

I hope you've been watching all the Bookish Brits videos! 

Gender Balance in YA Award Winners since 2000 takes on the idea that female authors 'dominate' YA fiction. Another fascinating read is On Book Packagers and Literary Development Companies (via @catagator). I've known about book packaging since the first time I read an article about Alloy, but it was really interesting to read about the new literary development companies started by well-known YA authors.

I love all this jewellery inspired by books! It's part of an auction running this week and I am really tempted to bid on a couple of items! (via @cloverness)

A letter To My Fairy Bookmother. I would ask for a chair that never gets uncomfortable, perfect recall of all my favourite books (I don't want to waste time remembering my least favourite too), and for Robin McKinley to write a sequel to Sunshine, or better yet, a whole series.

I also enjoyed reading Sex, swears and… er… unicorns? at Author Allsorts (via @Yayeahyeah), which makes a very good point!

I thought that Lit Medicine: 11 Books To Save Your Ass (Or Just Your Weary Soul) was great, especially as I'm planning to make my own list of comforting or inspiring books.

Have you read any really good blog posts or articles about books this fortnight?

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