Thursday, January 08, 2015

Book Review: Searching for Sky, by Jillian Cantor

Island is the only home Sky has ever known. It's the only place she has ever known. Surrounded by Ocean, Sky, her mother, River, and Helmut are isolated from the world, but they have everything they need. Then Sky's mother and Helmut die, and she and River are left alone, rapidly running out of food. Sky is scared but hopeful, until one day River sees a boat out in Ocean, and their lives change forever.

I read most of Searching for Sky with my heart fluttering somewhere around my throat. I would never have thought that anyone could write so convincingly about a girl who'd grown up on a desert island. I really shouldn't be surprised - I was also wrong about amnesia as a topic.

I don't think I can really pull off usage of phrases like 'all the feels', but that is what I had for poor Sky. Taken away from everything she's used to, separated from the one living person she  and put in a place that is confusing and utterly different in every way. I also felt really strongly for her grandmother, and River. The differences between the way Sky saw her previous life and the way the rest of society saw it were illustrated really well and I liked the way that we slowly found out the story behind Sky's mother's move to the island.

I did sometimes wonder if Sky shouldn't be a little more curious about the world she had joined, but that didn't stop me flicking through the book at high speed. I raced along until I got to the ending, which was...confusingly ambiguous. I'd love to talk about it, so send me an email if you've read Searching for Sky so we can discuss!

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for giving me the chance to read Searching for Sky via NetGalley.

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