Thursday, April 22, 2010

POC Reading Challenge

I decided to join the POC Reading Challenge after clicking the link in the left sidebar at Once Upon A Bookcase. I would also like to join the GLBT Challenge but I only have 1 book (as far as I am aware) in my TBR which is eligible. Loads on my wishlist, but wishlist is wishlist and not TBR. I'll probably do a similar challenge in 2011 instead, as I hope to have gotten my TBR down below 100 by then, which will give me enough space for all those wishlist books! Every time I think about this I have to resist rubbing my hands in glee at the anticipation.

(I realise this post is full of acronyms. POC = person/people of colour, GLBT = gay lesbian bisexual transgender, also often spelled LGBT, also often with a Q or two added at the end as well for queer and/or questioning, sometimes with other letters as well, see Wikipedia. TBR= to be read (pile/box/mountain/list). Some people use TBR to refer to all the books they want to read, but like most people that use the term, I use it to refer to the books I own and have not read. Books I don't actually own but want to read are on my wishlist. Wishlist is sometimes abbreviated to WL, but I don't abbreviate it as it takes me less time to type the word than two capital letters.)

I intend to get to Level 2 of the challenge, which means I have to read four to six books this year. I actually have enough books in my TBR to get up to Level 4 (ten), but I don't think I'll be able to read all of them within the year as I am also trying to read for Body Image and Self-Perception Month and my main priority is the teen/YA books on my list (if you're not aware, I'm writing a teen/YA novel - or twelve - myself.). Only two of those ten are teen/YA.

This in its own way actually shows why this challenge is so necessary - I have about 130 books TBR and the vast majority are by white authors, which makes a phenomenal amount of no sense.

So far I have read for this challenge:

1. Push, by Sapphire (also for the Mooky Book Club)
2. Girl Overboard, by Justina Chen Headley
3. to be read
4. to be read

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