Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Amusements 9

My reading journal, with my current favourite pen.

Happy Monday! A strange greeting, perhaps, but just think, you could read something really brilliant this week. And on that subject...

Keris Stainton wrote a beautiful post for Author Allsorts, I love libraries. I would love to know that my local library had a book that I'd written in stock. I really do love that place. I haven't gotten any new fiction books out of my local library in months but every time I visit to renew something I find it impossible to resist walking around for a little while to soak up the atmosphere. Then I tell myself that I must get through my TBR so that I can fully enjoy discovering new books in the library like I used to. Not sure that will happen any time soon, but it's a lovely thought!

I enjoyed reading Jo's write-up of her experience speaking on a London Book Fair panel at Once Upon a Bookcase. It sounds like such an amazing event.

I was excited to read that SisterSpooky will be hosting another Geek Week! I caught up with the last one a bit late but it was really fun to read all the posts revelling in geekdom.

It seems like every book blogger has been posting about the state of their TBR piles recently. I loved seeing Clover's pictures, and Lynsey of Narratively Speaking posted asking for ideas for TBR organisation. Last year I used a spreadsheet to help me calculate how many books I had left to read to help me finish each reading challenge I was participating in, but I haven't set it up for this year yet. It's not easily customisable because you'd need to change all the categories and numbers to fit your plans, but if anyone is interested in seeing it, I might upload it somewhere when I'm done.

I really enjoyed this video post by Paula at The Broke and the Bookish about learning to give people better quick reviews, though honestly I admire her for being able to openly enthuse to people about the books she loves! I've never been entirely comfortable expressing my opinions about anything cultural other than things that are really mainstream, like television and fashion. Talking about music makes me really anxious that I'll be judged for my tastes and when I do have the opportunity to talk about books, sometimes I freeze up and don't say anything because I don't think the person I'm talking to would have any interest in reading the books I like, or because I'm worried I'll bore them with my enthusiasm or criticism. It can be tough being an adult with a serious, academic interest in YA! (And this is why I blog)

I love a good list, and my recent favourites are Books I'd Like To See As Film Adaptations, at Fluttering Butterflies, Unlikable Female Characters in YA Fiction: A Reading List, at Stacked, and Stylist's 50 best books of the 1920s. I want to read my way through all three of these lists!

Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?'s Confessions of a Book Nerd (via @cloverness) made me giggle. I have gotten the bus to another library so that I can get out a specific book that I looked up on the online catalogue. Several times. Happily this bus ride only takes me about 20 to 30 minutes, not an hour, but I usually go straight to the library, get the book, and go home again, only spending about 20 minutes there in total.

On to reviews, and Michelle at Fabbity Fab Book Reviews made Cadillac Couches by Sophie B. Watson sound like an absolute must read. A coming-of-age book about twenty-somethings? With a road trip and music festivals? Yes please!

After reading Sophie's review of Gail Carriger's Etiquette & Espionage I thought, yet again: right, that's it, this year I MUST read something by this author. I've had Soulless sitting on my TBR for years now, so I have no excuses.

Finally, Writing from the Tub and SisterSpooky both covered You Don't Know Me by Sophia Bennett and made it sound amazing - it's going straight on my wishlist for sure.

Do subscribe if you enjoy my link selections, and feel free to explore the archive! No Monday Amusements here next week, but Friday is the first day of my Diary of a Crush theme week (aka, my cunning plan to force myself to review this series)!

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