Friday, December 13, 2013

Twelve Posts of Christmas (and New Year): Five - Favourite Bookish Presents That I've Received

I've previously shared my/Sister Christmas' bookish gift ideas, so now it's time to list the best bookish presents that I've recieved!

I haven't actually had that many bookish presents. I usually give my parents a list of the books I'd like, but I have received a few books in the last year from book-loving friends, which is the most exciting thing ever as nobody usually picks books for me!

I also, as often mentioned, love my Gimble and have an lovely collection of bookmarks, most of which were random flyers/freebies, but some of which were gifts:

I love that Christmas bookmark, I've had it for years, I think my parents gave it to me at some point when I was a kid. I think the train bookmark was a gift from my grandparents. Also pictured: my Gimbles, a book light that clips onto your book, the notebook I use to write reviews in, and the first of my Mslexia Writer's Diaries, which came with a gift subscription.

So what are the best bookish presents that you've recieved? Do you collect bookmarks, or is there a book someone else picked out for you that you really love?


  1. N bought me the literary map of the UK last year and I absolutely loved that.I also got a cute pig badge with words from Charlotte's Web on it :) In fact, I get quite a few bookish badges mosty. I've had two out of print t-shirts which I adore!

    1. I love the literary maps of the UK! When I have my own place I am definitely getting the children's literature one, it's on a door at the Big Green Bookshop and I have to look at it every time I go there.



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