Thursday, December 19, 2013

Twelve Posts of Christmas (and New Year): Seven - Christmasses (and similar festivals) That I'd Love To Read About

I can group this topic into three themes that I'm sure will be familiar to anyone who's ever read or watched a version of A Christmas Carol:

Christmasses Past

I would love to read about historical Christmasses! From early solstice celebrations to the Middle Ages, the Reformation on to the Victorian era, it all sounds fascinating. Even more recent history has potential for Christmassy interest - I'd love to read about a 1920s/1930s and wartime Christmasses.

Christmasses Present

As I live in the northern hemisphere I've always been fascinated by the idea of Christmas on the beach, or Christmas barbeques, like I've always been told are the custom in parts of Australia and New Zealand! Different cultures have different customs for Christmas and it would be great to see these feature in fiction.


I wonder if Christmas will still be celebrated in the future, and what form it will take. Will people stop sending physical cards and gifts? What fabulous decorations will people design, and what kind of parties will they attend?

Would you like to read more stories set during Christmas? What kind of Christmasses would you like to read about?


  1. Christmases in different cultures sounds really interesting! Whenever I meet up with our two best friends around Christmas, I always end up asking lots of questions about how other celebrate Christmas (one friend is Muslim, the other is half-Filipino) I always just find it really interesting to hear about what other people are eating or about other traditions...

    1. Exactly! I love finding out how other cultures celebrate it.



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