Sunday, November 27, 2011

that awkward moment...

...when you have ten new books (courtesy of the Atom Bloggers Party) and no shelf space whatsoever as your books are already multi storey and double parked. You already have books in shoe boxes in your wardrobe. What are you going to do?

a) pile them up on your bedside chest of drawers, under the other books already on it, creating a teetering tower of 14

b) leave them in the bag you brought them home in and just move them around your room when necessary to, er, move


c) ??????

I don't know what c is but it'll have to be that.


  1. I had to buy another storage box and small shelf ;)

  2. I've managed to squish them onto a shelf but now I have another pile of magazines and other papers on the floor instead!



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