Friday, February 21, 2014

Bookish Brits Vlog 9: Five Books Featuring Romances That I Really Loved

In this video I talk about romance! What are your favourite romances in books? Should I make another video featuring five more?
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Books mentioned:

Valiant, by Holly Black
Ash, by Malinda Lo
Last Chance (aka Keeping the Moon), by Sarah Dessen
Empress of the World, by Sara Ryan
Fiesta, by Kate Cann


  1. I meant to comment before ;) It's handy that you post it here as without a G+ I can still do so...
    Dessen is always fabulous. I haven't read that one (I believe?) but I've read a good few so I don't feel like I'm missing out XD I do feel like I'm really missing out on Ash, by Malinda Lo & Empress of the World, by Sara Ryan. I love how you've included LGBT's too. Love 'em :) I think I'll be checking them out. It's especially awesome in Ash & it's a fairytale retelling? Why have I not heard of it before? I'm not so sure about Valiant- it doesn't sound as much like my kinda thing & the synopsis is rather bland. It's great that you explained it & loved it. How have you heard of so many romances I haven't? This was a heap of recs for me XD
    Some girls probably need to read Fiesta but I think I know how to recognize them & I know enough 'Gah!' guys for it not to appeal. It sounds like the type of book which now is a cliche (even if not now) but hey, I might read it.
    Do another! YES, YES please! :D I liked it for ya ;)

    1. Thanks Amy! I will definitely do another! Fiesta is not the most unpredictable book ever but it's still quite fun, especially if you're in the mood for a holiday but can't go anywhere :)



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