Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Amusements 29

My #finishitfeb progress - I'm getting there!

Today is the last day of my 27th year - oh yes, it's my birthday tomorrow! Being 26 went quite well so I'm looking forward to what this year will bring. Hopefully even more good books!

Michelle at Fluttering Butterflies has created another book tag line quiz, this one is for YA published in 2014. I could only guess two of the titles but I found it quite interesting seeing all the different tag lines together. They're all very attention-grabbing. Don't forget to enter the Fluttering Butterflies blogoversary giveaway while you're there!

When Should One Quit Reading THAT Book? asks The Pewter Wolf. There aren't many books that I haven't finished, but I think I gave up on them all quite early on. I tend to persevere with most books, even if I'm not really getting into them. A book has to actively annoy me for me to put it down - there has to be something irritating about the style or the point of view.

Keeping Track of the TBR-list is a really interesting post. Daisy is far more organised than me at the moment. I used to have a very strict system but I gave it up at the start of 2014 because I was spending more time obsessing over the order in which I planned to read books than actually reading!

I was ill last week so unfortunately this list is rather short, but I'm better now and should have more time for exploring the book blogosphere in the next fortnight!

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